THE MMORI PROJECT®, an independent nonpartisan think tank, driven by our bold mission to develop, implement, and innovate our economic future through a paradigm shifting enhancement of modern day capitalism, meeting the needs of all people – The Cure to Poverty by 2065. Our proprietary core engine of prosperity will eradicate suffering and death of billions for generations by reimaging wealth distribution, life-long learning labor force, global conflict exit strategies, sustainability3*, and human threat mitigation.

THE MMORI PROJECT®, in partnership with the H U M A ND R E A M® Corporation and Foundation, delivers a three prong approach to achieve our mission, a nextgen socioeconomic Model, a robust multidimensional Global Strategy, and Movement of Prosperity for All People designed to eliminate today’s vast wealth and social divide, create an era of universal and equitable access, generational breakthroughs, and ensure the human species moves together through any advancement, trend or development.

The H U M A ND R E A M® Corporation, a new breed of Public Benefit Corporation introduces our flagship ‘All-To-Top’ socioeconomic Model, engineered for all people to prosper with our ecosystem of businesses and brands. Our Model embodies an advanced Core Engine of Sustainability, and Societal Balance (CESB) between the People, Government, and Corporations, constructed to bring the weight of our global economic, social and individual power to accelerate an end to poverty – a society of prosperous citizens, functional and productive governing, and exponential private sector growth and innovation, yielding domestic and international widespread access to sustainable jobs – a catalyst for stable and democratic governments, municipalities, civil services, and infrastructure for water and sanitation, transportation and roads, schools and universities, hospitals and clinics, bridges and dams, and advances in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy, and Technology.

55 Million People in U.S. live in Poverty, and 863 Million People live in Extreme Poverty (Less than $1.90 int. /day).
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To meet the complexities of our species, and carve a path to peace, the H U M A ND R E A M® has produced a multi-faceted Global Conflict Exit Strategy, forged through enhanced bilateral and multilateral cooperation and partnerships, unveiling a revolutionary archetype of human threat mitigation, socioeconomic, and ecological balance.

THE MMORI PROJECT® invites the Concerned of the Community to join us in this consequential coalition, purposed to harness humanity’s pride in innovation, ingenuity, and progress toward the eradication of poverty in our lifetime, fostering an inclusive society growing stronger and unified by the human tribe spirit we all share.

The H U M A ND R E A M® belongs to us all, a life of prosperity and joy ignited by a MOVEMENT, a symbol for all who now have a voice to amplify, sustain, and ensure accountability for the H U M A ND R E A M®, The Cure to Poverty.

Prosperity for All Ends Poverty.
Born is a path to Global Peace, Equality, and Sustainability3*.

*sustainability3 (s3)– the synchronized balance of Human Sustainability; Individual, Tribal, and Environmental – Individual Sustainability (iS), for each person to not just exist, to survive, but live no longer worried about sustainable food, water, shelter, a job, health insurance and advancement for themselves and family in support of the Tribal and Environmental Sustainability. Tribal Sustainability (tS), social and economic sustainability of all people, the human tribe, against top threats like Mass Deaths & Poverty, Inequality, Chronic & Infectious Disease, Human Trafficking, War & Terrorism, Education & Mental Health, Human Rights, and Water & Food Insecurities, in support of Individual and Environmental Sustainability. Environmental Sustainability (eS) is the economic and social sustainability of the planet we inhabit, land, water, air, resources and indigenous species (animals, insects, birds, mammals, wildlife, biological) in support of Individual and Tribal Sustainability against conditions and threats, known and unknown, to human existence like, Climate Change, Overpopulation, Energy & Resource Depletion, Asteroid Defense and Natural Disaster Impact.

Prosperity For All People Ends Poverty.
Born is a path to Global Peace, Equality, and Sustainability3.