Today’s efforts to extinguish poverty have proven effective, however, slow and fragmented, leaving billions to suffer every generation, yet our species continues to progress, broaden our knowledge base, evolve, and gain wealth, evident with 289 countries joining the Paris Agreement to fight Climate Change and achieve net-0 emissions by 2050, an existential threat to humanity’s survival. THE MMORI PROJECT founders posed the question, “Where are the Global Agreements  and Commissions for all mankind to eliminate mass deaths, malnourished children, human trafficking, illiteracy, homelessness, refugees, and global poverty by 2050?”

THE MMORI PROJECT® founders recognized this void and failing by our species and embrace the responsibility to ensure humanity arrives in the 22nd century no longer apathetic to our human tribe suffocated, divided, and constrained by death, inequality, and suffering.

THE MMORI PROJECT’s® overriding criteria is to think out the box, push the limits of imagination, and avoid conventional ideas, or recycled strategies to unravel humanity’s most malignant threats to our survival like disease, inequality, human rights, conflict and war, human trafficking, unpreparedness, and the unknown. THE MMORI PROJECT® and H U M A ND R E A M® originated to fill this blind spot we repeatedly miss throughout history by designing, developing, and implementing threat mitigations, build sustainable ecosystems, and prioritize the prosperity, well-being, and education of every human being in discovery of purpose.

Mortality finds us all, Memento Mori, “remember that you must die”; but how did we live? Did we honor God, and bring all people together, end suffering, and champion our better angels for a future our children are proud of? We have reached a unique time in our existence, if we’re not careful, our entire species will find ourselves in perilous conditions exemplified by a global pandemic, covid19 or something far worse. Equally unique is we have the knowledge, the resources, and the will of the people, to transform the impossible into reality built on values for the betterment, prosperity, and progress of all people, not just the fortunate few.

We never stop evolving.