Day, August, 2065 – Global poverty has been eradicated creating a world of stable and flourishing countries based on economic equality, access, and opportunity for all people.

Climate change agreements and aggressive mitigation mandates succeeded leaving a bright atmosphere free of greenhouse gas emissions impacting our planet.

Education & Well-being is the foundation for our children producing adults better equipped to navigate life’s unknown.

Societal sustainability and balance is the economic standard where every person 18 years and older has direct access to sustainable jobs, bringing balance to the human instinct survival, the source of poverty, and no longer worried about food, water, shelter, a job, health coverage and economic advancement, no matter what region of the world, religious background, economic or social status, skin color, gender or age.

Terrorism has gone extinct with generations of young children thriving, nurtured by stable homes filled with hopes, dreams and a path to realize them.

Morning, February, 2092 – Sustainability3 achieved, ending resource depletion, ecosystem, and habitat disruption.

The remaining barriers of corruption, conflict, poor education, and lack of resources have been eliminated creating global cooperation, collaboration and unifying common goals.

The final agreement of the Global Nuclear Proliferation Doctrine signed, encapsulating a milestone toward peace.

Evening, December, 2096 – Global Peace accomplished with the signing of the first, Human Species Treaty and Peace Accords.